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PhotosTree is a command line application that helps to organize photos by date taken. It simply copies the images from given source path to directory with chronological structure (timeline). Program is provided with source code. Feel free to change it.

Usage: PhotosTree source target [format] [/s] [/y] [/l|/hl|/url]

Format options: %year%, %month%, %monthname%, %week%, %day%, %hour%, %minute%
Format samples: %year%\%month%\%day%, %year%\%monthname%\Week No %week%\%day%

    /s - Search all subdirectories.
    /y - Overwrite existing files/links.
    /l - Create shortcuts in target folder.
    /hl - Create hard links in target folder.
    /url - Create internet links in target folder.

The default tree format is %year%\%monthname%. System settings are used to translate month names and calculate week numbers. Unless specified otherwise photos will be copied (duplicated). To save space use link switches (/hl is valid for NTFS only). Process may be stopped by pressing any key.

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